Storköksbyrån, Stockholm

Prototype Website (Live in Production)

Storköksbyrån designs and plans kitchens for large scale operations and based in Stockholm..

  • Online Identity
  • Animation & Video
Launch Storköksbyrån website prototype

Tea&Garden — Stockholm  

Tea & Garden in Stockholm is a Tea Specialist and also has booking seats to order their famous Afternoon Tea & Scones.

  • Logo & branding
  • Packaging
  • Online retail store
  • Delivery service
  • Online marketing
  • Print & Video
  • Photography
Launch Tea&Garden website

Bullseye Racing

Prototype Website (Live in Production) is a micro-site which offers horse racing analysis and insight to the public in South Africa.

  • Micro-site
  • Online Identity
  • Animation & Video
Launch Bullseye Racing website

Game Dealer

Prototype Website for (Live in Production)

Launch GameDealer prototype

James Collins Coach

Live website

James Collins is a personal trainer for elite athletes and is based in the UK.

  • Online Identity
  • Animation & Video
Launch JameCollins website

Video Analytics

Prototype Website (Live in Production)

VA offer clients the most advanced intelligent surveillance technology platform and analytics on the market that uses our proprietary machine learning and AI-powered video, image, and audio analysis algorithms that use real-time tracking

  • Online Identity
  • Animation & Video
Launch VA prototype website

Work Experience in London, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Cape Town, Dubai, Yemen.